Superstructure supplement extension!

Wood & plaster tileset

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So this week, I’ve created some new walls, floors and their related structural tiles to form a second architectural tileset for Free Company’s mission generator to make use of. This one, as you can see above, looks less of a dungeon and more like a moderately well appointed house. I was getting a little tired of staring at those stone walls all of the time. The ’tile’ based structure of the game makes it pretty easy to drop new sets of walls into the existing mission generator and have them ‘just work’. Hopefully, once the game is out, the relative ease of adding new tiles might inspire some enterprising modders to do just that. I started out making games through modding and love how modders can take a game and extend it’s lifespan for years. As a result I have been trying to make the game’s systems as open to modification as I have time for and I plan to make some of my dev tools available at around the same time as the game as well.

Other than tiles, I’ve been working to replace my old physics library with a new one and improve the game’s use of physics along the way. The plan is this will eventually;

  • Stop ragdoll enemies falling through walls and other objects.
  • Make for much better ray-casted cover calculations.
  • Allow more natural interaction with doors and any other interactive objects.
  • Improve performance & reduce bloaty code
  • Make physics objects fit much better to their objects & make it much easier to debug them

I’ve also;

  • Added a really simple blood splat almost decal-like effect. Doing these properly looks like a lot of work for little return, at least when viewed from an isometric perspective.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs & performance problems interfering with playtesting.
  • Created a fireplace object.
  • Read A Dance with Dragons. 
That last one was definitely important research. Definitely. There were mercenaries in it.

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