Boot sequence


And the lights come on.

This is intended to be the space into which I pour the written accounts of my experiences creating indie videogames, an activity which I hope to one day become a way of paying for beer and a mortgage. Unfortunately, for this brilliant plan to work I still need to do a few things:

1) Make an indie videogame.

2) Persuade people to buy it for money.

I’m pretty sure that having a blog is an important step too though so I guess I should go and have some beers to celebrate getting this part done. If you want to know something about who the heck I am, or rather what I did before this, then feel free to pop over to the about page and err.. read it. It’s whimsical! If you’ve got any tips on how to make a wordpress blog five hundred times better then drop me a line in the comments and I’ll consider your sage words.

So why System of Pleasure?

Well it sounds a bit rude, a bit philosophical and its also a sort of description of a game. Thats probably as decent a summing up of my ‘essence’ as you are going to get in a phrase.

8 responses to “Boot sequence

  • Dan Lawrence

    What kind of idiot would comment on his own post?

  • Nick

    System of Pleasure – I like it.

  • Dan Lawrence

    You would. I’ve purged the snap previews so Mat should be happy about that.

  • Helen

    It’s impossible to find this place through google btw.

  • Nick

    Don’t let this be a one-post blog, Dan! Give us some juicy details. I’ve seen the pathfinding skull action, it’s juicy. Some tentative blurry screenshots at least. Maybe rotate them by, say, 12 degrees?

    Also can you turn Gravatars on for commenters on this thing?

  • Greg

    Post more Mr. Dan! What do you use to make your games? How do you make pretty pictures? What are an indie-dev’s options when it comes to music and SFX if they’re not a musician themselves? How about some thoughts on your favourite games, indie and otherwise? That discussion you were having with people on twitter with that Lewis chap? Blog about it!

  • StuartM


    I want more blog posts you charming indie developer you.

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