If I had a hammer…

Free Company with highlight lights

Click to enlarge

The development of Free Company continues this week with the addition of  lighting themes to the procedural tactical battle generator. In the shot above you can see my first stab at the ubiquitous ‘orange & teal’ theme that has become so popular in Hollywood. The basic principle is to help increase the variation that players see between levels in a simple, asset cheap, way. As the generator progresses I’m intending to tie the lighting colour theme to other aspects of the contract to help enhance whatever mood suits that particular contract. Right now though it’s just a completely random pick.

I grabbed a couple more shots of it in action so you can better see to what I am referring:

More light theme examples

I call them "Sandy" and "Red-ish"

I also spent some time since the last update finishing the first pass on the ‘overgame’ campaign code and UI. A player can now successfully navigate between the overgame layer and a series of tactical battles while retaining the same set of mercenaries. Right now the main tie between the two layers is whether the mercenaries died, whether they completed the contract and what weapons they bought from the campaign shop. As development progresses I’m going to try and increase the amount of interdependency between the two game states to help keep them feeling like a cohesive whole. Exactly how is going to depend on playtesting.

Finally I added a really big hammer.

Hammer time

Thor would be proud

3 responses to “If I had a hammer…

  • CMaster

    The use of lighting to make similar places look different seems really good. I’d worry though that players will end up seeing through it though, as they use the same tactics as they did last time for the same room layout.

  • Nick H

    Yes, massive hammers! The people (me) spoke, and their benevolent god listened.

  • Dan Lawrence

    CMaster: The room layouts are randomised already (so, if a bit crappily right now, is the enemy placement). The colour variety is just another step in the quest for super randomised variety. Eventually I’ll have more than just one set of wall & floor textures, more types of objects and so on.

    Nick: Don’t say i never do anything for the people.

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