Cracking open the door a little

Apologies things have been a little quiet here on the blog. Holidays, illness and a new kitten in the house had conspired to slow my rate of progress a little, but things are now back on track. I wanted to wait until I had gathered up some things things that were at least vaguely interesting to look at after a months absence so here we go:

First up the promised video of a door opening. Sadly, it is a bit of a failure as an exciting door related promo as the video shows the doors in their least beautiful light, opening right through a mercenary. Ah well,  here it is anyway:

Next up is a new monster model, the fearsome skeleton model with spear and boshed together shield:


And what would a skelton be without his life long pal the zombie? Nothing much probably. So here he is too:

Clutching an improvised club.

There has also been some other, much less exciting to probe with ones eyes, progress on boosting AI performance, removing normal map bugs and clearing up a variety of fun bugs caused by the introduction of doors. The general plan short term plan right now is to boost the visual variety of enemies and then to work on making them all feel different tactically with different AI, skills and weapon setups. Hopefully, I should be back in the swing of the weekly-ish updates now so check back next time for some more monsters!

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