More monstrous models

This week has been largely spent conceiving, modelling, texturing, boning and animating some new monster models. I’m hoping to hit nine models + the more variable human models for the first alpha. The beauty of the algorithmically generated tactical battles is that it’s incredibly easy to insert new monster types into the generator (and thus the game) once you have all their details set down in data.

So this week we have the bloated giant rat:

He will gorge on your entrails and gnaw on your bones.


Then we have a giant spider too. A lot of people don’t like spiders so I’m plotting to include a ‘Cobbet mode’ in the game options that will exclude them from the generator.

This guy looks quite friendly though. Probably should work on that.


And finally we have the cowled and insubstantial Shadow wielding a giant two handed sword with preternatural ease.

Another undead beast to grapple with alongside the skeletons and zombies from last week.


I’ve also started poking around in the rusty old bad guy data code to better support the variety of behaviours and characteristics of these varied villains. Shortly skeletons will no longer bleed with ruby red blood.

That’s all for now.

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