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Small site refresh

I’ve been doing a little bit of work on the site, refreshing the content on the static pages (mostly making it sillier), adding a contact page (that I might soon come to regret) and paying a little bit of money to sort out the roboticshed.com URL properly so that all the internal links are the same rather than the unfortunate mess they were before.  I believe any direct links to old blog entries or pages will automagically link to the new place so no one needs to change anything.

The changes should mean that the WordPress stats now work a lot better so I’ll be able to tell exactly where any visitors to the site originally came from (Hello people searching for Project Zomboid on Google). If you are a webdesignery person and you have any tips on things my site absolutely must have immediately then feel free to comment below or tweet at me.

Free Company development continues in between exam invigilation sessions, the first pass at the ‘overgamey’ stuff I talked about below is nearly wrapped up. The campaign shop looks like this now:

That shop again

Lots of fun bugs and stuff still to tackle in the months ahead.